Managed Services

Baltic Managed Service

Baltic Managed Services (BMS) work in partnership with businesses across the UK to deliver a strategic and cost effective volume and work force management solution.   We work with you by becoming your partner.  Our professional and personal approach means we always adopt the working practices and cultures of our clients.  We aim to become a dedicated part of your business, with your objectives becoming ours.


We understand that two businesses are never the same.  Our clients tell us we are particularly good at getting under the skin of their culture, ensuring we talk your language.  This is the foundation of our culture and is adopted by all of our employees to continually strive to improve our systems, processes and procedures.


If reducing recruitment costs, improving compliance, safeguarding against risk and increasing efficiency are objectives for your temporary and contract workforce our Managed Service team can take responsibility for your entire recruitment function, helping you achieve all your goals, and freeing up your HR team to focus on strategic priorities such as performance management and staff development.


Our management team and consultants have many years of experience in advising and delivering effective solutions to clients based on their current and future recruitment needs.
A selection of our services include;

  • On-site managed services
  • Master vendor solutions
  • Permanent recruitment
  • TUPE transfer of all or part of a workforce
  • Utilising a Baltic workforce to complement your own
  • HR management of staff
  • High volume recruitment and selection campaigns
  • Sickness absence reduction
  • Candidate retention techniques
  • Employment risk mitigation
  • Payroll and invoicing

For a more detailed discussion, please contact our Managed Services Division on 01325 731061